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Advanced Mechatronics
November 4,2017
Advanced Mechatronics

A Precursor to Industry 4.0

On 4 November 2017, CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) organized a conference on “Advanced Mechatronics – A Precursor to Industry 4.0”. Distinguished industry leaders and key industry representatives from more than 150 companies discussed and shared their thoughts on sensor technology, digitisation, control mechanisms, smart machines and connected factories in future.

At this event, BFW presented a case study on ‘Connected Factory’ and discussed the breakthrough solution BFW IRIS - a single integrated solution with a secure, robust and cloud-based infrastructure designed to add intelligence to assets.

BFW IRIS helps transmit machine data securely to and from cloud for real-time decision making, diagnostics, service and maintenance. IRIS is the way forward to help companies become the ‘Factories of the Future’. The session was well-received by the participants and generated enormous interest among everyone present there.

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