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Smart Integrated Shop floor Solution
Smart Integrated Shop floor Solution

Introducing IRIS by BFW

IRIS is a revolutionary new offering from BFW that offers real time monitoring of machine shop floor performance. As a connected factory solution with a control panel, IRIS is compatible with leading CNC brands - Fanuc, Siemens and Mitsubishi.

The data generated by the machine is monitored by the system to provide alerts and reports that enable timely decision making.

IRIS helps assess operator productivity in a variety of ways, including identifying whether the machine program set by their supervisor is being followed, if there is excessive time taken to load/unload the components, the reasons for machine idleness and so on.

In order to monitor quality, the system sends out emails and SMS alerts during different important pre-programmable situations, such as machine in breakdown mode or override high/low mode for more than 30 minutes.

Production managers can receive data on cycle time, energy consumption, machine efficiency, and tools and consumables consumption that is vital for accurate costing of jobs.

By determining performance, availability and quality, IRIS identifies Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of each asset. Additionally, a variety of reports are available that can enable important management decisions.

The operator friendly control panel of IRIS allows easy diagnosis which enables lean and fast maintenance. Furthermore, the production supervisors have access to real time alarm information for quick action.

IRIS is compatible not only with BFW machines, but any machine that is equipped with Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Siemens CNC tools. For companies employing machine tools, IRIS is expected to provide a real breakthrough in terms of decision making and performance.

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  • Aug - 2017
    DMTX event
  • Oct - 2016
    BFW Launches the Maiden Edition of Manufacturing Day
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