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Master Class by Mr. Roger Harrop

Roger Harrop is a renowned international business growth expert and inspirational speaker. He has spent over 25 years leading international businesses, which puts him in a unique position to deal with present-day business challenges. He has been established in the market as “The CEO Expert" because of his multifaceted experience in management and business challenges matters. Based in Oxford in the UK, he is also an international business advisor, mentor and consultant growth leader who inspires and entertains audiences with his flagship program. He has a vast leadership experience from small startups to multinationals and from high tech products to basic commodities; people based service business and non-profit organizations.

He was present in BFW for 2 days to present his master class recently and the participants gained a different perspective on how to lead and succeed in the new game of business, etc. The first day was attended by the divisional heads. The second day was on the topic, “Creativity, Technology, Speed and Change” which was attended by the divisional managers. 

Mr. Harrop was able to explain the various concepts through case studies and exercises encouraging participant involvement, and allowing them to present their perspective to the challenging situations. There were a lot of takeaways from his program like secrets and tools to develop the business, management skills to achieve immediate, sustained business and personal growth, utilization of latest technology, etc.

He also emphasized on critical pointers that will enable the organization to be the market leader and how to lead a team in the future with the existing workforce.

The training was appreciated by all the participants and all of them walked out with a changed mindset.

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    Make in India Week
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