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Experience the Extraordinary with BFW Novell

CNC high-speed moving column VMC with automatic rotary pallet changer.

Novell is a high-speed Vertical Machining Centers with automatic Rotary pallet changer. This medium-sized machine is designed to deliver high productivity with absolute reliability and sound ergonomics.

High productivity:

Novell machine consists of 40 M/ Min rapid rates in all the 3 axes and roller type LM Guide-ways for higher rigidity. The machine is capable of removing 6mm stock in single pass and solid drilling of Ø55 mm on cast iron.

The machine pallet is having swing of 1550 mm, hence bigger size component can be accommodated. The machine is having 24T/ 30T & 40T, drum type tool magazine with less than 5 sec chip to chip time.

The spindle is having the maximum clamping force of 1800 N, hence tool is held rigidly and higher depth of cut can be given at higher parameters.

Absolute reliability:

Novell is built with Lamella that protects LM Guide-ways and ball screw from chips and coolant to enter there; resulting rust-free ball screw and guide-ways with minimal maintenance.

Cutting zone is totally isolated from machine elements - operator and chip conveyor running below, ensuring better chip management.

The machine pallet size is 750 X 450 mm with 350-kilogram load carrying capacity on each pallet. We have provided cup and cone arrangement for pallet consistency and also clamping with 8-ton force while machining ensuing higher accuracies achieved over a long period.

Sound ergonomics:

Novell is a single-lift machine with a compact footprint. The machine is having pressure gauges mounted at the front of the machine (TPM-friendly) for easy visibility and accessibility.

The machine is having rear side chip disposal with coolant system resulting in easy chip removal from the machine. Accessories such as hydraulic power pack, electrical cabinet, pneumatic system, etc. are mounted on the machine with easy oil filling feature.

Novell is a very compact low-maintenance machine with less than 2000 mm front width and ideal for line production. This machine is suitable for robot and gantry automation.


  • Feb - 2016
    Inaguration of BFW’s Dr. Kalam center for Innovation
  • Feb - 2016
    Make in India Week
  • December 2015
    BFW’s Machines at Intec 2015
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