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CNC flexible machine for Front Axle Beam with complete machining automation

A commercial vehicle is mainly distinguished based on the load carrying capacity and it varies from 5,000 Kgs to 60,000 Kgs. The above load is sustained by Front and Rear Axle of the vehicle, hence Front Axle Beam design and manufacturing are very complicated. 

It is preferred to do the complete machining of FAB in single clamping so that all the related critical accuracies are achieved. The average take time is <=10 minutes/component. We at BFW have taken the challenge to develop the niche machine meeting global standards and supplied.

The machine is 11 Axes CNC Controlled and having following salient features:

  • 37/30 kW spindle power with HSK A100 taper.
  • 1250 Nm spindle torque.
  • 2400 / 825/ 925 mm, X/Y/Z axes stroke.
  • 40,000 mm/min rapid rates etc.
  • Cycle time around 10minutes/component
  • 40 bar coolant pressure through the spindle.

The machine configuration is 3 axes movement to the column with stationary rotary cum tilting fixture.

The rotary table is used for machining the component by rotating up to 360ᴼ. The fixture is having +/- 12ᴼ tilting arrangement for accommodating different King Pin angle of the component. The machine base, column, spindle etc design has been thoroughly validated by using Finate Element Analysis for the failure mode.

The machine is suitable for 17 different models with length variation from 1300 mm to 2300 mm and having Poka Yoka for wrong model selection. The Fixture is designed with quick-change concept suitable for minimum setup change time from one model to another. The complete piping is conceived so that no chips retain on fixture after machining.

The gantry is having 3 axes movement with 2 component handling and in-feed, out-feed powered component conveyor. The averaging of the component is done outside the machine by gantry to increase the productivity.

The machine is built with TPM friendly with all gauges in front of the machine and coolant shower all around the machining zone.


  • Feb - 2016
    Inaguration of BFW’s Dr. Kalam center for Innovation
  • Feb - 2016
    Make in India Week
  • December 2015
    BFW’s Machines at Intec 2015
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