November 29,2017
SUD Engineering: BFW Provided Solutions for the Core and Cavity Machining of Automotive Moulds

Pune based company SUD Engineering was facing increased global competition and pressure to reduce the price of their products. To solve their rising problem, they wanted to manufacture high-quality sustainable automotive moulds at a lower cost.

SUD Engineering purchased BMV 65 to eradicate their burning issue as the machine has established a strong foothold in the Die-Mould market. Its rigid structure and precise spindle assure sustained high-quality performance with high speed and feed rate to fulfil the criteria necessary for cost-effective machining.

BMV 65 helps SUD Engineering supply core and cavity after machining for many OEMS, Tier-I and Tier-II companies.



“The company emphasis on quality and commitment to the customers and most of the customers come back with repeat orders. This can only be possible when we deliver quality moulds on time to the customer”, says Mr Uday Jiralikar, one of the partners of the company.

He also added, “The automotive moulds are very complex, needs very good surface finish and parting line accuracy. The cycle time of the mould is minimum two days. The machine runs continuously for all the shifts, from roughing to finishing. It’s always the BFW machines which keep us competitive while machining. The machining centres have excellent cutting capability with tool steel. As per my customers, now they experience a reduction in handwork time and spotting time on its moulds which is a great time saver.”

BFW’s BMV 65 is helping SUD Engineering attain the below Die-Mould industry requirements:

Good surface finish less than 1.0 Ra which will reduce polishing time

Repeatability/ Accuracy: Within 10-15 microns

Good material removal rate

29-November-2017 SUD Engineering: BFW Provided Solutions for the Core and Cavity Machining of Automotive Moulds know more  

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