An impressive line-up of solid performers. Precise, fast, powerful and durable
  • Twin-spindle VMC
    Twin spindle VMC technology is represented in vertical orientation machining centers with two spindles placed side by side in a parallel fashion, catering to typical high-volume applications for the machining of identical work-pieces at the same time.
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  • Bridge-type VMC
    Limited flexibility column which can move in two planes (axes) with added flexibility for part machining, generally operate at high speeds with greater depth of cut and feed rate and is generally suited for machining of hardened parts.
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  • Fixed-column VMC
    It has a fixed (non-moving) column structure, rectangular table, no indexing rotation function, suitable for processing plate, cover, plate-type parts.
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  • CNC Vertical Milling
    Entry level CNC Milling technology with remarkable machining capacity, productivity and user flexibility and built with the smallest possible footprint.
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  • High-speed VMC
    High Speed Tapping Centers - setting new benchmarks in high-speed machining through high feed-rates to execute complex core and cavity geometries in aluminum structural blocks
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  • Double Column VMC
    Milling head mounted on a moving beam for enabling machining of larger parts
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  • Moving column VMCs
    Moving column vertical machining technology employ high rigidity C-structures moving on high rigidity roller guide-ways for improved productivity and flexibility
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  • 5-Axes VMC
    High Accuracy Profile machining
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  • Rotary Pallet VMCs
    Rotary Pallet VMC
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